Еврокубки  Кубок Кубков 1971-1972  24 мая 1972  Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2 Финал

Глазго Рейнджерс ФК (Шотландия) - ФК Динамо Москва (СССР) - 3:2 (2:0).

Кубок Кубков. Финал. 24 мая 1972. Барселона. 20:30. Эстади Камп Ноу. Ясно. 18 градусов. 24701 зрителей.

Судьи: Хосе Мариия ОРТИС де МЕНДИБИЛЬ Монастерио, Хайме ОЛИВА Фортуни, Анхель ФРАНКО Мартинес (все - Испания).

Глазго Рейнджерс ФК: 1. Питер МакКлой, 2. Уильям "Сэнди" Джардин, 3. Уильям Митисон, 4. Джон Крейг (к), 5. Дерек Джонстон, 6. Дэвид Смит, 7. Томми МакЛин, 8. Альфред "Альфи" Конн, 9. Колин Стин, 10. Алекс МакДональд, 11. Уильям Джонстон.
Запасные: 12. Дерек Парлейн, 14. Энди Пенмэн, 15. Джим Денни, 16. Грэхэм Файф, 17. Герхардт "Герри" Неф (в) (ФРГ).
Гл.тренер - Уильям Уодделл.

ФК Динамо Москва: 1. Владимир Пильгуй, 2. Владимир Басалаев, 3. Олег Долматов, 4. Валерий Зыков (к), 5. Владимир Долбоносов (14. Михаил Гершкович, 69), 6. Евгений Жуков, 7. Анатолий Байдачный, 8. Андрей Якубик (13. Владимир Эштреков, 56), 9. Йожеф Сабо, 10. Александр Маховиков, 11. Геннадий Еврюжихин.
Запасные: 12. Сергей Никулин, 15. Анатолий Кожемякин, 16. Владимир Козлов, 17. Николай Гонтарь (в).
Гл.тренер - Константин Бесков.

Голы: 1:0 Стин (23), 2:0 Джонстон (40), 3:0 Джонстон (49), 3:1 Эштреков (60), 3:2 Маховиков (87).

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

Судейская бригада из Испании во главе Ортис де Мендибиль, капитаны команд Джон Крейг и Валерий Зыков.

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

Московское "Динамо" перед игрой.

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

Радость шотландца Стина, только что открывшего счет в этом матче.

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2. Нажмите, чтобы посмотреть истинный размер рисунка

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

Официальной программы на матч выпущено не было. Это один из неофициальных прогаммок к матчу.

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

Капитан Рейнджерс Джон Крейг с Кубком Кубков.

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Rangers’ first European triumph marred by spectator invasions

By Jim Parkinson

Rangers found their rainbow’s end at the Camp Nou Stadium here tonight when they beat Russia´s football masters, Moscow Dynamo and won the European Cup-Winners’ Cup for the first time.

Rangers´ future in Europe, however, may have been jeopardised by hostility that marred a night that should have rated as their finest hour.

Intermittent invasions of the field had earlier threat­ened to have the game abandoned. Then only a minute from time the most highly excited contingent among the 20,000 plus Rangers supporters impati­ently anticipated the end and rushed on to the field. They just could not wait for their moment of glory and thus endangered the efforts of a team who had played magnificently in the first 50 minutes to build a three-goal lead and then spent the rest of the match trying desperately to hold it.

After the match Konstantin Beskov, Dynamo’s senior coach appealed to the European Football Union to have the game replayed. He claimed that his players were intimidated by the Rangers’ supporters who spilled onto the pitch before play had ended.

As he complained angrily and bitterly he said: -- “Some of our players had to dive for their lives, and were injured. It robbed us of a possible equalising goal.”


Rangers succeeded ner­vously, but those earlier invasions must have done a lot to break the players´ concentration. It should never have happened when everything was going so well. The players, highly tense, and Willie Waddell, their manager, did not deserve to have it all marred by the pitched battle between police and spectators after the last break-in.

The Ibrox players were not even accorded the honours of having the trophy presented to them with the medals on the field. This was done somewhat shamefully in an underground dressing-room.

The ugly scenes over­shadowed the real merit of the triumph. Rangers had conditioned themselves for the match, and it was proved in the first half that they intended to wrap it up early.

It appeared as though they had done so until after the third goal the Russians brought on a substitute, Eschtrekov for Jakubik. It transformed the Russians as the replacement scored a goal almost immediately and that sparked off a Dynamo revival.

When the game swung, Rangers had a giant in defence in Peter McCloy. The giant 6ft. 4in. goalkeeper was brilliant in defying the methodical Dynamo players when they reproduced the football expected of such a world-class club.

Rangers were just that shade better over the game. When they were attacking they had Dave Smith conducting the play in remarkably stylish fashion from deep in defence. It was his precise passes that led to the first two goals.

Rangers at that time had plenty of front runners. McLean trickily threaded his way past big Russian defenders bemused by his acceleration and footwork. He had a willing partner in Colin Stein and Willie Johnston on the other wing kept his rivals well occupied.

It was McLean who threatened to scheme the first goal, but when it did come in 24 minutes, it was from that uncanny man, Smith. From the middle of his own half he prodded the ball forward for Colin Stein to run on to just at the edge of the penalty box, and the centre forward hit a fierce drive past Pilgul.

Smith ventured much further downfield five minutes before the interval to set up the second goal. With the Russians retreating before him and funnelling desperately into the penalty area, Smith chipped the ball over on to the head of Willie Johnston, who flicked it into the net.

Rangers’ confidence increased three minutes after the interval when Stein took the brunt of a challenge from two Russians to get to a high ball. It spun off to Willie Johnston, who stroked it in.


Then the Russians made the switch that almost swung the match their way. Rangers had to pull more and more men back after Eschtrekov had reduced the deficit in 59 minutes, but they were magnificently encouraged by the supporters who paradoxically have put the club’s European future at risk.

In the cliff-hanging finish, Smith kicked off the line, Jardine almost scored an own-goal and with five minutes to go Mahovikov scored Dynamo’s second goal.

RANGERS—McCloy; Jardine and Mathieson; Greig, D. Johnstone and Smith; McLean and Conn; Stein, MacDonald and W. Johnston.
MOSCOW DYNAMO—Pilgul; Basalayev and Dolmatov; Zsykov, Dolbonossov and Jukov; Baidachnyi and Jakubik; Sabo, Mahovikov and Evrizhikin.
Referee—O. de Mendibil (Spain).

Источник: Glasgow Herald Thursday 25 May, 1972 (Page 4)
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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2. Нажмите, чтобы посмотреть истинный размер рисунка

Наш первый финалист Еврокубков - Динамо (Москва) Кубок Кубков 1971/72

Как Советское телевидение освещало путь к финалу ???
Очень хорошо !!! Из 9 игр не показали лишь 2 (показанные отмечены красным квадратом).

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Запись полного матча:

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Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

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Отчёт о финале из еженедельника "Футбол-Хоккей" (№ 22 за 1972 год) на двух страницах.

Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

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Отчёт о финале из еженедельника "Футбол-Хоккей" (№ 22 за 1972 год) на двух страницах.

Глазго Рейнджерс (Шотландия) - Динамо (СССР) 3:2

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