Еврокубки  Кубок Ярмарок 1957-1958  15 мая 1956  Интер (Италия) - Бирмингем Сити (Англия) 0:0 Гр. B. 1 т.

«Интер» Милан (Италия) – «Бирмингем Сити» (Англия) - 0:0
15.05.1956 Милан. Стадион «Арена Чивика». 8.000 зрителей.

Судья: Поль Раймонд Висслинг (Швейцария)

«Интер» Милан (Италия): Джорджо Гецци, Ливио Фонгаро, Джованни Джакомацци, Енеа Масиеро, Рино Феррарио, Джванни Инверницци, Бенито Лоренци, Роже Фонлантен, Акилле Фраскини, Челестино Цельо, Карл Леннарт Скоглунд.
Тренер - Джузеппе Меацца

«Бирмингем Сити» (Англия): Джилберт Меррик, Джек Бэдэм, Кеннет Грин, Джон Уоттс, Джон Ньюмен, Питер Уормингтон, Джеффри Кокс, Ноэль Кинси, Эдвард Браун, Питер Мёрфи, Александр Гован.
Тренер - Артур Тёрнер.

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Blues´ first competitive appearance in Europe turned into something of a damp squib as the teams played out a largely uneventful goalless draw in front of a paltry crowd of just 7,000.
The game was moved from Inter Milan´s main San Siro stadium to their former 30,000-capacity ground, which they now used as a training base, but as it was located in the city centre rather than one of the outer districts it was hoped that this might persuade a few more of the home fans to turn out.
However Italians were not overly keen on floodlit matches and the 10pm kick-off may have put some off but it was perhaps more to do with their team´s poor recent form.
Inter were lying fourth in their league which was considered as a calamity by the club´s fans.
Those that did turn up spent must much of the game jeering at their own players after a below-par home performance. But that´s not so say that Blues´ display was any better.
Gil Merrick was the visitors´ man-of-the-match as he pulled off two point-blank saves to keep Inter at bay.
Arthur Turner´s men had made a promising start to the match with Peter Murphy firing just over the bar and then Geoff Cox breaking clear but being denied by Italian international goalkeeper Giorgio Ghezzi.
But that was the sum total of both side´s attacking forays and the game petered out into stalemate.
Blues boss Turner declared himself satisfied with a draw against such illustrious opponents, particular considering that he had fielded a defence that included four reserves due to the absence of Jeff Hall and Trevor Smith and injuries to Roy Warhurst and Len Boyd.
Jack Badham was the most impressive deputy as he kept the experienced and speedy Inter fans´ favourite Lennart Skoglund in check.
The Swede was one of eight internationals on show in the home ranks and that too added credit to the result, one that was to prove pivotal in Blues´ bid to finish top of the group and progress to the knockout stages.

Milan: Ghezzi, Fongaro, Giacommazzi, Masiero, Ferrario, Invernizzo, Lorenzi, Vonlanthen, Fraschini, Celio, Skoglund.
Blues: Merrick, Badham, Green, Watts, Newman, Warmington, Cox, Kinsey, Brown, Murphy, Govan. BLUES IN EUROPE.

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Интер (Италия) - Бирмингем Сити (Англия) 0:0

Gil Merrick.

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Первоначально в этом розыгрыше Кубка Ярмарок планировалось выступление сб. Бирмингема ХI, но из-за отказа Астон Виллы, первым клубом в истории еврокубков от Англии выступил клуб Бирмингем Сити. Скорее всего этот матч состоялся 16 мая 1956 (But as Aston Villa rejected the opportunity to field a combined Birmingham XI team, Blues became the first English club side to play in European competition when they took to the field for the opening fixture in Milan on 16 May 1956 (not May 15 as incorrectly widely stated)). Отчёт о матче ит. газеты La Stampa за 17 мая. Там же утверждается что голкипера Джорджо Гецци на 78-й мин заменил Марио Комиллони.

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